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How does it work?  Once the season begins we will deliver the basket of farm items to your porch on your chosen delivery days.  The day prior to each delivery we email you a reminder.  You then put out the empty basket from the previous delivery and we switch it for a new full basket.  At the end of the year we will come around to collect the last empty basket and leave a thank-you pumpkin for your part in supporting our local farm.


Can we see the Farm?  Foggy Ridge has an open house only for members, their friends and our waiting list.   Date TBD.


How many Customers do we have?  We are a very small family farm and will stay that way.  Our farm is limited in size due to its location.  We are on the top of the hill with limited top soil and water.  Vegetables take a great deal of both. Our garden is planted to provide for our current members plus a few new ones.  We reserve the right to close membership when we reach capacity.  We work on a first come-first served basis and always give the previous customers first chance.  We provide quality over quantity.  We value great service to our existing small group of members.     


Eggs - We have a few ducks and chickens. Occasionally you will find a half dozen in your basket if you initially requested these on your preference list. 


Thank you!  neighbors who are careful with what they spray on their plants.   We try to keep our bees on the farm but sometimes they are tempted by your lavender and other flowering plants.  Remember, honey bees are friendly! 


HOW TO SIGN UP?  Please email for an application.  


1)  How many baskets?  Decide how many baskets you want and order by clicking on the Basket Delivery Options below.  The most common is every-other-week.  Our season runs for 16 weeks.  You choose the day and week you would like delivery.  It doesn't have to be every Thursday or every other Thursday, you pick....we are flexible!


2)  What Vegetables do you like?  This is where you can choose vegetable preferences, with the following options for each available garden item.   Please rank your top 5.      


3)  When do you want delivery?  You can pick which exact dates you want your deliveries throughout our season.  We are very flexible but like to get it into our calendar for planning.  *You can change your delivery dates with at least a week notice.


4)  What day of the week would you like delivery?   We prefer that you are home or will be close to arriving before delivery.  We harvest immediately before delivering and our baskets are uncovered.


                Three Choices:   Tuesday 10-11 AM, Thursday 10-11 AM, or Saturday 10-11 AM.   


  *We send an email reminder to you the day before delivery.  This is to remind you its coming and to put your last delivered empty basket out for us to take. 



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