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CSA Basket Membership - Free delivery to Trilogy

We offer only a small number of memberships each year and serve our neighbors.  Our farm adjoins the north edge of Trilogy Golf Course Community.   

Fresh Produce with a few flowers

Our summer basket delivery season runs End of June - Mid October.

ORGANIC change:  Our produce is no long certified organic.  We still use the same seeds and grow to the same methods as when we were certified but don't want the burden of the paperwork anymore.   Only items certified organic is our Aronia Berries.  


What comes in a basket? 

You are given a list of fruits & vegetables which we grow and you can choose which ones and how often you would like included in your basket.  We then fill the basket with the vegetables you like, and occasionally we will put in eggs, recipes.

July Baskets

October Basket -

Our Garden is in full production mode in October.  The peppers are turning red and orange, the winter squash is ripe, and the tomatoes still producing in our Hot house.

"Farm"  Baskets


We offer fruits, vegetables for produce and other farm items as well.  We offer 2 basket size options:


  • 1/2 Bushel - Averages 22 lbs of fruit and vegetables.   A mix of items that are best fresh and some that keep.  Our most popular option for every-other-week delivery.

  • 1/4 Bushel - Averages 15 lbs.   More popular with single customers or customers who want weekly deliveries. 


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