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       CSA Flower Deliveries - Twice a Month

                                    Fresh flowers from the garden with a side offering of produce. 

                                                We have a Flower CSA membership during our season!  You sign up with a minimum $200 of farm credit which can go for flowers and produce.  Flowers and produce are offered throughout the July-October season.  You order what you would like and we keep an old fashioned tab to keep track.  We deliver flower arraignments twice a month on Saturdays.  We post what is available and color combinations.  You choose if you would like a rectangle or round table arraignment or a bouquet and the color combo. 



Free delivery every 2-weeks to Trilogy on Saturday mornings


Produce Option

Our Produce Basket customers get first dibs at our fresh produce.  But when we have extra we offer to our flower customers.   The Produce customers get a little flower bouquet in their basket, the emphasis is more on produce.  The Flower customers usually order a few produce items with their flowers, the emphaiss is more on the Flowers.

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