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  • Lynn Cash

Day 14 - Freedom!

We came prepared for this experience. Scared to death to be in a hotel room so every day was grateful for our apartment. We also came with a planned routine that helped. We actually got along fine, no arguments. I think because we both were experiencing this together, had our own projects, came together for exercise and FAST INTERNET!

Positives from this experience

Fast broadband - I'm not sure we can ever go home now!

Zooms with family and friends.

Lynn's new laptop

Jimmybringsit - Alchohol delivery service

Harris Farms - same day fresh delivery service, amazing mangos and raspberries!

Two live Packer Games

Our downward dogs are getting better

Plank times improved

Partially learned new video editing

Cleaned all the photos off our phones and organized

Appreciation of our Freedom, we are a fortunate society both in Australia and the US despite our problems.

Appreciation of Australia - they are amazingly well organized, nice, and careful of their citizens. Good governance, empathy, and society working together. They are leading the world with their example. Well done! Ever so grateful to call ourselves citizens.

Outside! That was us up on the 21st floor.

Covid Contact Tracing - We went to a few places to eat and every one had us take a photo of this and register our name and email. All three places took this seriously, wait staff looked at our phones to make sure it was checked.

Couple pictures of Sydney. Left is St. Mary's Cathedral Christmas free light show, yes we had to register for Covid Contact tracing. Right is the Strand Mall, life as normal. Feels surreal to walk around mask free Christmas shopping.

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1 Comment

Dec 16, 2020

Congratulations on your freedom! Your first day out sounds delightful and I am jealous. Well worth the 14days of productive quarantine. Happy Holidays!!!!!!

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