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  • Lynn Cash

Day 2 - First covid test

The sun came out for the first time. We get a welcome hour of sunshine on our balcony early afternoons. View of Darling harbour is so nice, watching boats coming in for lunch, people mingling about on the docks. Below us is a day care and we look out at the kids playground. Australian kids are so cute in their little sun hats and girls in dresses.

Tonight there are the typical company Christmas party boats coming into the harbour with their bands. Life as normal here down under.

The nurses came to take our first Covid test in the hallway of our unit. Two part test, 5 seconds on both sides of the inside of the back of the mouth and 5 seconds up each nostril. But not the long down the back of the nose test we have in the states. Results back in 2 days. They had 1 case two days ago which was the first in a month in NSW. From a hotel worker which houses American airline staff. Airline crews come in for 24 hours, cannot leave their hotels and turn around and head back...they are not tested. Cannot be a fun job at the moment.

Finished watching our first series Queens Gambit - highly recommend.

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