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  • Lynn Cash

Day 3 - Be Careful What You Wish For

There were times in our lives where we were so busy that we dreamed of hiding out in a hotel room and just ordering room service for days. Well, we are now settling into that dream and its not all its cracked up to be.

We continue to be grateful for our open air balcony and nice view. A Godsend!

It is Saturday morning and we watched several rowing crew teams starting their day at the Ferris Wheel. Dead calm morning, lovely to watch.

The catered food arrives three times a day. They take into account dietary restrictions but after that they just send you what they have, no choices. Lunch is pretty good with healthy options. Breakfast and dinner not so much. We have now cancelled those meals and will order out. So many nice restaurants nearby in Chinatown.

Daily routine of work outs are keeping us sane. We have finished the Queen's Gambit series and The Octopus teacher, both which were excellent. Now moving onto the Crown. The internet is screaming fast and they have 'cast-enabled' TVs which turn your phone into a remote control streaming device for Netflix and Youtube. Not sure if that is something in the US that we are just missing out on but its super cool.

Pictured below (rowing team on left, lunch arrival on right...not sure who our quarantine neighbors are)

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