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  • Lynn Cash

Day One

Getting up for 6 AM was very easy today. We decided to have three workout times per day: Yoga before work, PT exercises for lunch, and Thai chi at 5. Trying to have some sort of routine and setting up planking goals.

Colbert's Quarantine-while bit quite appropriate for our situation. Able to watch his monologues via YouTube from phone.

We had our daily call from our nurse and our first mental health call from a psychologist. We can order almost anything to the room. Interestingly they only let you order a few items of alcohol at one time. Apparently they don't want a bunch of drunks in quarantine. Our good friend dropped off yoga matts and snacks. And our favorite produce store delivers.

Mark has taken over the living room as it is quieter for his calls. I'm happy to set up on the balcony. Street noise is constant but the open window is welcome. Overcast day in the 60s.

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1 Comment

Dec 03, 2020

Glad to see you have a ‘Room with a view’! Will make the time go faster - and better.

Sunshine but chilly here.

Still staying home but getting accomplishments: Office virtually organized, View room all set up for guests (though none come NOW), Bonus room (over garage) has 800++ cookbooks lined up - waiting for bookshelves. And decisions on keepers & donators.

Time not to focus and do a Christmas letter.

Have you got an address Down Under yet?

PS: Found some of my old Africa photo chips - and reminisced!

Enjoy! A 2020 WALK ABOUT




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